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Rolling Mill Texture Sheets

beautiful textures for your jewellery making - laser cut texture sheets from Joanne Tinley Jewellery

I love texturing my silver jewellery! Most of my designs use textures from my growing collection of hammers (some of which are older than I am!), punches or from using my rolling mill.

Traditionally rolling mills were used for forming silver and gold into sheet and wire, and for changing the gauge and shape of the metal too. It can also add beautiful patterns and textures to your metal! Rolling the metal sheet through the mill with a feather, a piece of lace or even a piece of paper adds gorgeous detail. I wanted to use this technique to transfer my own drawings and doodles on to silver that I could then use in my jewellery designs, and my texture sheets are the result.

Each pattern begins as my original watercolour doodles that I then arrange into a design by computer before being laser engraving them into thin card. The resulting texture sheet is perfect for embossing a beautiful pattern into your metal sheet using a rolling mill, and similar results can be achieved by rolling out your metal clay on top of the sheet.

The Texture Sheets include linear and random designs, with some designs available in different scales and engraved as longer lengths suitable for texturing cuffs. You can find the full range in my Joanne Tinley Etsy store here, together with my Jewellery Tutorial ebooks.

I have produced an instruction sheet to help you get the most out of the texture sheets, whether you are using a rolling mill or working with metal clay. Each order comes with a small tester sheet – and the main key to getting the best texture is to practice with the tester sheet first! The instruction sheet can be downloaded below.

Many thanks to my wonderful Beta-testers from around the globe who sent me fantastically useful feedback (some of which is included in the instruction sheet) and photos of the beautiful jewellery they made using my patterns and textures!